Law Firm Čeferin and Partners has been operating continuously since 1967

Welcome to Law Firm Čeferin and Partners

Law Firm Čeferin and Partners, formerly Attorney’s Office Čeferin, has been operating continuously since 1967. The founders of the firm are Dr. Peter Čeferin and his sons Dr. Rok Čeferin and Aleksander Čeferin. Lawyers of the Čeferin Law Firm provide legal advice, represent and defend clients before courts and other state authorities, draw up documents and represent clients in their legal relationships and proceedings. In compliance with the Attorneys Act, all partners and associates of our law firm are registered in the directory of the State – Bar Association of Slovenia.

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Work Process

Our clients are asked to phone us and book an appointment with our office. With this first telephone conversation we define the legal field related to the issue for which the client is seeking our legal assistance. Based on this information, we assign the task to one of our lawyers who has the necessary professional competence in this field. Consequently, the assigned lawyer contacts the client and invites them for a consultation at our office at the time convenient for the client. At this meeting, we start considering the legal issue that moved the client to seek our assistance.

Contact us

Clients may also contact us by electronic mail, if they wish. In such case, they should send a brief description of the issue together with their personal data (name and family name, telephone number) to the e-mail address: info@ceferin.si.

Following an analysis of the concrete legal issue in question, we contact the client and fix an appointment with them.


Commercial Law

Attorneys from the Commercial Law Department offer counselling and representation services to legal persons and self-employed persons in the areas of commercial, civil and labour law. In the commercial area we deal with the status, tax and competition law, law of intellectual and industrial property, public procurements, valuable securities and restructuring. In the civil law area we offer legal services in the fields of contractual, property or compensation law. We compile contracts and general acts for our clients and represent them in court proceedings in the case of disputes, as well as in the administrative and inspection procedures. When an interdisciplinary approach is necessary, we cooperate with our colleagues from other departments in our law firm.

Criminal Law

Attorneys from the Criminal Law Department offer our clients legal assistance in the entire area of criminal law. We represent our clients in pre-trial investigations in front of the police, in minor offence proceedings, criminal investigation proceedings and criminal proceedings in front of the court, and in other proceedings that are related to the execution of criminal sanctions. Every member in our department is an expert for certain narrow criminal law areas and we cooperate closely with colleagues from other departments in our law firm. In urgent matters like the deprivation of freedom, house searches or orders for detention, our clients can dial our hotline on which we are available 24 hours a day, every day throughout the year.

Civil Law

Attorneys from the Civil Department are experts in the field of civil law, i.e. in the field of property, inheritance, family and obligations law. We represent clients in affairs that fall into the listed legal areas in court and administrative procedures as well as inspection procedures in front of other state bodies. We prepare contracts for them and other documents and provide counselling services. We cooperate closely with colleagues from other departments in our law firm.

Constitutional and International law

Attorneys who work in the Department for Constitutional and International Law are experts in the field of the human rights law and international law. We represent our clients in the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Union Court and other international institutions. We are constantly perfecting our specialised legal knowledge, which we need in order to perform our work qualitatively, at different scientific meetings where we often participate as active lecturers. In case of very complicated cases, we cooperate with top external professionals from various faculties of law.

Our attorneys and offices

Our main office, since it was founded, is based in Grosuplje. With the intention to make our services more accessible for our clients, we opened branch also in Maribor.
A team of more than 30 lawyers, attorney trainees and candidates offer high standard legal services in all spheres of legal material and areas, from individual clients to companies based in Slovenia and abroad.
Attorneys, attorney candidates and attorney trainees are divided into four departments: Criminal Law Department, Civil Law Department, International and Constitutional Law Department and Commercial Law Department. Members of each department are all experts with legal knowledge and reputation in their departments.
In compliance with the Attorneys Act, all partners and associates of our law firm are registered in the directory of the State - Bar Association of Slovenia. The Law Firm Čeferin and Partners is a member of the international Association of European Attorneys (AEA).

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