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Use of cookies on the website: www.ceferin.si
The operator of the website and all data related to it is:

Company name: Law firm Čeferin, Pogačnik, Novak, Koščak and partners, company for the practice of law, o.p., d.o.o.
Address: Taborska cesta 13, 1290 Grosuplje
E-mail: info@ceferin.si
Contact telephone number: 01 786 46 40

Types of cookies, their purpose and duration:

Cookies are small files that we upload to your computer. They help make the website run faster. The website uses the following cookies:

Cookie name: _ga
The purpose of the cookie: Google’s statistics of views
Duration: 30 days

The operator provides the notification without consent if he uses the following cookies:

cookies required solely for the purpose of transmitting a message over an electronic communications network; and
cookies that are strictly necessary to provide the information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user.

The operator provides the notification with the consent of the user in all other cases and informs the user accordingly about the options for setting cookies. The operator does not use cookies without the express consent of the user, which requires the user’s consent for installation. The operator provides the possibility of subsequent change of the user’s consent by keeping the notice in a visible place on the website.

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